Pink Crocodile Tie Launched In advance of 150th Anniversary

In advance of celebrations in 2019 in recognition of 150 years Rowing at Monmouth School for Boys, the OM Club have re-launched the Pink Crocodile Tie.

The Pink Crocodile Club was instigated by MiC Rowing Phil Mathew in 1964 for a School 4+ to potentially represent Wales at the Serpentine Regatta. In 1965 The Crocodile Club was formed again membership being limited to those who have been on an Easter training week, or who have rowed in the 1st boat.

It will be realised that the crocodile is one of the few aquatic animals that goes about with its nose in the air, another being the hippopotamus…

A 100% silk tie has been designed in agreement with Al Butler OMBC Captain, and is now available from the OMC online Shop distributed via the School Shop at £25 (+pp)

OM News 1966 Extract – LW Maddock OM 1909 -1912 – writes from New Zealand if he is entitled to join the Crocodile Club – he certainly is, for coxing the first School Boat in 1912!

John Griffiths MiC Rowing is hoping to gift Pink Crocodile Club ties to the Henley Rowers from Monmouth School to launch the start of the celebrations for the School Boat Club 150th anniversary in 2019. A number of social events are being planned by the Rowing Club – keep on eye on the OMBC Facebook page for events.