John Hartland Rowing Coach 1964-1994

John Hartland 2014Nick Hartland’s (OM73-80) sister Kate Callaghan, head of Habs rowing, is running the Swansea Half Marathon later this month in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society for their father John Hartland ex Rowing Coach Monmouth School.

As well as being Master in Charge of rowing at Monmouth School for 30 years from 1964 to 1994, he founded the club at Haberdashers Monmouth School for Girls, John played a big part in Monmouth Rowing Club as chairman and regatta secretary, and was a central figure in the building of the clubhouse in the late 1960s and its extension back in the 1990s.

He was also chairman of Welsh Rowing and led the Wales team to the Commonwealth Games in 1986. As rowing careers go it’s a pretty impressive one.

As a coach he seems to have made a huge impact on his students. Everywhere you go, people ask after him. Even at the start of a regatta race, with seconds to go before the Attention… GO! members of crews call across and asked how John is doing.

Now, sadly, John (or possibly Mr Hartland to you), who turned 80 recently, has Alzheimers. Having spent a harrowing six months in a psychiatric hospital last year, he is now settled in a nursing home and is much more contented, but the engaged, knowledgeable, hard-working rower he once was has been stolen by the illness.

If you knew John Hartland, or have been affected by Alzheimers, you might like to support Kate. She can be sponsored at

Alzheimers can happen to anyone. Please give generously.