Henley Royal Regatta MSRC 150th

HENLEY ROYAL REGATTA  – Wednesday 3rd July and Saturday 6th July

In celebration of 150 years MSRC 1869-2019

Alumni of Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools, Partners, Friends & Family all warmly welcomed!

Henley Royal Regatta – Wednesday 3rd July 1pm & 4pm

Please come along and join the Headmaster of Monmouth School for Boys, Dr Andrew Daniel who is hosting Lunch (1pm) and Tea (4pm) at the MSRC gazebo pitched at the Henley Cricket Club, Remenham Lane, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 3DB

The 1st VIII has had a phenomenal year winning the 1st VIIIs pennant at the Schools Head (jointly with Winchester College) for the first time. They won at Nottingham City and Reading Amateur Regattas and at National Schools, we won the Non-Championship VIIIs (formerly known as Child Beale) in a record time of 5:54.6 breaking 6 minutes for the 1st time by any Child Beale or Monmouth School crew coming 6th overall in the Championship VIIIs final – only 1.5 sec behind Eton! To cap that, half the crew then won a bronze medal in Championship IV+ on the Sunday. We look forward to an exciting Henley campaign to round off an amazing 150th anniversary year.

The MB crew is racing at 12.10. The races are live streamed on YouTube so if you’re free do have a look and give them a cheer. The oppo is Kent School, USA, a selected crew so it should be a cracker. There are 32 schools in the PE (Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup), it’s a knockout competition so victory means procession to the next day until the finals on Sunday.

For your info our crew comprises:

Bow Joe Harrison

2 Ryan Baldwin

3 Hamish Lawson

4 Cameron Michie

5 Tony Wright

6 Ben Emes

7 Robbie Prosser-Wrench

Stroke Iwan Hadfield

Cox Jack Tottem

“Pimms o’clock” – Saturday 6th July from 4pm

Join OMs in celebration of 150 years MSRC

Pimms and canapés available from the MSRC Rowing gazebo pitched on the Cricket Ground during the Tea Interval. £10pp to cover catering costs. Entry via special commemorative badge –

TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE DIRECT FROM THE PIMMS TEAM located at the MSRC gazebo OR JOHN GRIFFITHS Griffiths.John@habsmonmouth.org


MSRC 1st squad of 1969 Row Past crews

Meet 12 noon at boat tents, push off 12.35hrs – Race ~ just after 13.oohrs

1969 Crew

Bow. Mike (Pongo) O’Donovan

2. Mark (Zyggy) Zygadlo

3. Gordon (Elmer) Ellis

4. Robin Gardner

5. Paul Marsden

6 Charlie (the frog) Wiggin

7. Lionel (Stewart) Jackson

Stroke. Brian Bamford

Cox. Dave (Ali) Palmer

Sub. Andrew (Bear) C Williams

Henley Crew:

Bow: Jeremy Edwards (1st ever OM GB international ’77 & ’82)

2: James Hartland (Son of John Hartland & Ladies Plate ’97 & GB Lwt international)

3: James Knight (Stalwart of OMBC subbing in for Steve Tuck who is on military duties)

4: Julian George (Britannia Challenge Cup ’81)

5: Nick Hartland (Son of John Hartland and U23 international)

6: David Peill (Temple Challenge Cup ’93 & ’95, Wyfold Challenge Cup ’96 & GB U23 international)

7: Robin Williams (Visitors Challenge Cup ’80, Wyfold Challenge Cup ’90 & ’93, Coach of Olympic Gold medal W2- 2012)

Str: Pearson, S (Temple Challenge Cup ’90, Wyfold Challenge Cup ’92 & GB Lwt international)

Cox: Moynihan, C (Thames Challenge Cup ’78, Grand Challenge Cup ’84, Silver Medal Moscow Olympics ’80)


Supported by the Old Monmothian Club – Good Luck to all competitors… remember you are representing the School!