Gwil Hughes OM03-10 Welsh Artist Exhibition

Gwil Hughes OM Pont-ar-Elan-IIGwil Hughes OM03-10 is a young Welsh artist based in London. On the 16th and 17th of April 2016, Gwil exhibited a series of paintings and drawings completed over the last two years. The exhibition took place at Creation Box London, part of Make Space Studios, near Waterloo station.

With a practice focusing mainly on painting, Gwil is interested in exploring the interplay of medium and surface within both figurative and abstract works to evoke and provoke experience.

Self taught since GCSE’s, painting has been for Gwil a means to understand himself and the world around him. Since completing a Modern Languages Degree from the University of Oxford (2014), Gwil has worked to develop a way of seeing and documenting.

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