Please contact OM Club Sharon Finch available on:

Direct Dial 01600 710440
Reception 01600 713143 ext 2440


Old Monmothian Administrator
Old Monmothian Club
Almshouse Street
NP25 3XP


£ £ £ Financial Support Requests £ £ £

If you wish to make an application for financial assistance for current pupils of Monmouth School For Boys please notify both the Headmaster and the OMC at at least 2 weeks before the OM Executive Committee meeting normally held in September, February and June. (Please contact Sharon for the next meeting date

Please include the following details in your request:
– Date of event/tour/timescales
– Description of event
– Sum of funds requested in context of total funding requirement
– Comments pertinent to number of boys involved or costs per head

We are open to any funding request to support the current students of Monmouth School For Boys