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OM Tony Jones represents Wales in first O’ 65 International Football match

Two Monmouth boys who first played football together in 1958 while pupils at Priory Street Boys school, were in what is believed to be the first over 65 international football match in the world, when Wales played England in Newport.

Tony Jones OM 60-67 is 67 as Fred Beach will be soon, none of the […]

Victory ! OMs 1 – 0 Monmouth School 1st XI

THANK YOU to Andy Thomas OM06-11 for organising the OMs vs. Monmouth School Football match and his captaincy towards the first OM victory in 5 years!

Check out Frank's Arentz Photography Facebook page for some excellent Football Pictures

Match Report: Old Monmothians 1 – 0 Monmouth School 1st XI
The Old Monmothians turned up for this year’s fixture […]

OM Footballers Required! vs Mon Sch Sat 25th Feb

Calling Footballers  - the OMs vs. Monmouth School fixture is on

Saturday 25th February 2017

Kick off at 2:30pm,

Please contact Andy Thomas if you would like to play via OM Facebook Group

Message from Andy : '...thanks to everyone who has played over the years which I have organised, I'll will be looking to pass on the […]