Art Exhibition Otto Maciąg – Monmouth Spring 2018

Otto Maciag webOtto Maciąg was Art Master at Monmouth School from 1948 to 1978

Mr Cullingford, Headmaster Monmouth School 1946-1956 appointed Otto Maciąg, in spite of some opposition – Otto had served with the 1st Polish Armoured Division, to teach art and other Polish boys at the School.

The visual arts in the hands of Otto flourished and Monmouth School received welcome publicity when in 1973 he made plaques of Wojtek the Bear (pronounced VOH techk) for the Imperial War Museum, the Ottawa War Museum and Edinburgh Zoo.

The famous bear had accompanied the Polish forces throughout the war and symbolised their courage and fortitude.

To commemorate the centenary of his birth, an Art Exhibition Event will be staged at Shire Hall, Monmouth in late Spring 2018.

OM Artists both amateur and professional, are cordially invited to exhibit their work, alongside workshops organised for pupils by the present Head of Art, Matthew Peake


If you are interested in participating please contact Sharon Finch