Art Exhibition Otto Maciąg – Monmouth Spring 2018

Otto Maciag webOtto Maciąg was Art Master at Monmouth School from 1948 to 1978

As an officer in the First Polish Armoured Division, after escaping from internment in Romania in 1940, Otto fought in France, Belgium and Holland and took part in the Normandy landings.

After the war, when Polish exiles were limited to working in agriculture, mining or watch repairing, he managed to study Art in Liverpool and secure a teaching job, along with Kazimierz Hardulak, who taught the violin, and Jan Materklas, who worked as a boatman, in Monmouth School thanks to Mr Cullingford, the Headmaster.

Otto taught ceramics, painting and drawing, history of art and architecture.

With the help of Michael Tovey, Otto modelled four tons of clay into the ceramic murals of Monmouth School Chapel and other examples of his varied work can be viewed in The Priory, the King’s Garden, Monmouth Museum, Polish Chapel near Bigsweir, Cheltenham, Pinner, Aylesford Priory and the Imperial War Museum.

Otto’s war sketches are in the Sikorski Museum in London and he illustrated the Polish Daily newspaper as well as a number of books.

An art exhibition will be staged at Shire Hall, Monmouth to commemorate the centenary of his birth in late spring 2018. OM artists are invited to exhibit their work and workshops will be organised by the current Head of Art, Matthew Peake.


If you are interested in participating please contact Sharon Finch