2018 OMSC Captains Report

The OMSC has completed its 9th full year cycle with an AGM of The Club held on the veranda of the North London Rifle Club in true OM fashion on the evening of Ashburton Day, formal minutes of which are available separately. The health of The School & absent colleagues was toasted followed by the fostering of the spirit of the Club’s objectives: – to support target shooting as a sport at the school, within the OM community and facilitate it’s reintroduction at the school when practically possible. Dinner at the NLRC (thanks to Richard Singleton) flowed with the quaffing of a goodly volume of wine and ale all round and the excellent NLRC fare.

A few more OMs have this year expressed an interest in joining our fraternity, and a few have actually plucked up the courage to do so, a special welcome to Justin Durrant and ex school VIII captain, Peter Strong and Martyn Vaughan at full-bore and Guy Watkins who plugged the gap in the BSSRA (smallbore) competition.

I would like to call on the Monmothian editor to make a suitable reference on the CCF pages of the esteemed journal to remind School members that they can continue their interests in the sport on leaving School. Perhaps this could be facilitated by The Editor on our behalf. I understand that David Peace will be representing the Shooting Fraternity at the London Dinner once more, and touting for more members no doubt

This year’s training sessions were restricted once more to a Club Champs day held at Bisley. Colin Waldron was expected to be handicapped by a single shot rifle but still managed to win the Championships (Tom’s Tankard) over the rapid fire magazine fed rifleman once more, with David Peace a close run second – accuracy still pays over speed, and the art of sniping continues to thrive. The practices are continuing to pay dividends on “The Day” of the Public Schools Veterans, which sadly continues to see a depreciating number of schools participating every year.

This year we once more fielded 3 teams of 5 for The Public Schools Veterans match, a sound indication of the continued interest in the sport by OMs. Fifteen OMs attended, with a supporting encourage it made quite a throng on the firing point with 15 actually shooting, captained and coached by Colin Waldron and Alan Barrell. There were a number of apologies that have threatened to turn up next year so we may even have to determine a selection process. I would like to take this opportunity to remind the OM Executive and readers of The Monmothian that the shooting club is open to membership for Old Girls, an opportunity that they may not be aware of. Should any reader be in a position to advise our compatriots from MSG that this is the case I would be obliged if contact could be made.

Back to the PS Vets, the elements behaved once more with a hot evening of sunshine and a light wind which did however tend to vary and cast a few too many shots out of the bullseye.

The traditional humour and “sledging” rivalling a good cricket match crept in to the day neither of which led to any records being broken this year. Dedicated coaching and some seriously strong shooting led to the A Team to a 236.25 (232.16 2017) placing us 29th (25th) ex 47 (46) teams entered. In the aggregate and were placed 5th (10th) ex 7 (10)! We should once more be proud to note that we were one of top 7 schools in the country capable of fielding 3 teams. The B team performed admirably with a score of 224.10
The top gun score now named the Brian Margrett Award was taken by Alan Barrell coached by Colin with a PS Vets Best of 48.4. Colin went on to once again take a number of bars to his NRA Medals in the ensuing Imperial Meeting and his 10th consecutive contribution for the esteemed National competition against the old foes of the Home Countries. Colin was awarded Welsh Caps for the Elcho Competition ( Long range match rifle 1000,1100 & 1220 yds.), the Mackinnon (Long range Target rifle 900 & 1000yds and The National 300, 500 & 600 yds. a lifetime best achievement of which he is distinctly proud. Both Colin and Alan will be touring Canada with the Welsh Rifle association in 2019 and we wish the squad bob chance.
A few stalwarts once more appeared at the Oxfordshire open meeting in October led by Chris Jones who has excelled in the prize lists – well done Chris, with Phil Jones topping the Tyro first leg (second leg to be shot in Oct). The associateship with the South Wales County Rifle Association has yet to be taken advantage of, it is hoped that with Tony Byrne returning to the fold this may change.as it is now possible to achieve Shooting practice closer to home for many of our members as a consequence.

The small-bore story continues with excellent shooting in the BSSRA small-bore postal championship for The Fletcher Cup where we once more fielded 2 teams. The challenge to the secretary once more was to get all the cards back on time, which we achieved without hassle! The result of the A team score of 474 (476 last year) placing us 5th (5th) ex 11 (12) entrants and the B team with 456 ranking 10th. Once again the Medals eluded us this year. Congratulations must go to the whole squad. This year’s entrants are about to be selected. The results have been added to the website http://www.bssra.org/vets.html#11.

Marcus Ehresman continues to excel at the Smallbore disciplines at International level rep[resenting Wales in many competitions. Living in London and an active member of the NSRA, Hendon and East Barnet Clubs he is to be regularly seen on the Smallbore ranges with 100/100 (known as a “Possible” = Highest Possible Score) becoming rather a regular event. Keep up the excellent work Marcus.

Richard Wilson advises that he is again this year endeavouring to organise a Vets vs The School shoot. There is the continued spark of an interest for some members of the school to attend our full-bore practice sessions and we are continuing to explore all possibilities of assisting the furtherance of the sport at the school. With the Lucas family now also being represented at three generations (youngest at MSG) and a change of shooting master at the school it is hoped that the interest can be rejuvenated.

Since attaining Home Office Approval a Club Firearms certificate the club has acquired two full-bore rifles for the use of members, in particular providing newcomers with the facilities to continue the sport and further their shooting career, contact Colin if you wish to utilise this equipment.

We once more wish to pass our thanks to the continued support of the OMSC by the OM Club and to solicit any assistance that the executive may be in a position to provide in encouraging the rebirth of the sport at The School.

Finally it is with pleasure that we can announce that David Peace has accepted the AGM’s wishes to become president of the OM Shooting club following in the footsteps of Brain Margrett. Many thanks for taking up this key linking position David.

Colin Waldron, OMSC Captain