1957 Boys in Monmouth

1957 OMs web

John Pearman 50-56, David Evans 51-57, David Hancocks 51-57, Wally Wallis 51-56, Roger Powell 51-57 (Left to Right)

David Hancock Roger Powell & John Pearman web

David Hancocks, Roger Powell & John Pearman

Roger Powell John Pearman web

Roger Powell and John Pearman

Wally Wallis & David Evans web

Wally Wallis & David Evans

Our thanks to David Evans 51-57 who initiated this informal gathering in Monmouth and John Pearman 50-56 as OM Club Officer.

Old Monmothians who attended are pictured in addition Mike Burge 50-57 and brother Nigel Burge 50-56 attended with last minute apologies from Roger Atkins 49-57.

Despite being 60 years since leaving the School Gates the boys soon relaxed with informal drinks and tapas celebrating fond memories in good company.

With the late-nighters moving on to the Nags Heads before retiring for the evening!

A thoroughly enjoyable evening- Well Done Boys!