1955 Joiners Reunion Monmouth School

A wonderful turnout of over 50 Old Monmothians returned to their alma mater for a beautiful day in the sun on Saturday 26th September. The ‘boys’ were welcomed with tea and coffee in the new William Jones building to be escorted on School Tours from current students at Monmouth School followed by lunch in the Sports Pavilion.

“.. it is all very well remembering the School as it was… but far more enjoyable to share the boys experiences of how it is today…”

1955 web21955 web71955 web81955 web171955 web6THANK YOU to David Dowle OM 55-62 who initiated the reunion over a year ago. The OMs enjoyed an informative talk from Robert Davis OM55-61 of school boy antics! Followed by an informal address from the 5-week in Headmaster Dr Andrew Daniel.

“…. I am only now beginning to digest the contents of the past three days properly. I also am sadly remembering all the things I wanted to ask about days and folks gone by, but the time was all too short. Those things and memories recollected were of priceless value and now I know too that I haven’t weathered too badly myself!

This was a tremendous occasion, which will probably never be relived in the same way, and which also deserves once more a recognition for all the hard work put into the organisation and carrying through of the idea. David and Sharon, once again heartfelt thanks to you both, …

I wish you all my best wishes for the future with health and happiness. Hopefully a few of us will be spurred on to meet up on occasions when we may find ourselves close by an old mate!” Charles Bond OM55-61