Welcome to The Old Monmothian Club

The Old Boys’ Club Founded 1886 of Monmouth School Founded 1614

Welcome Our Objectives are to:
– Promote Social and Sporting activities among its members
– Provide a link between Monmouth School and its Old Boys
– Further the interests of the School

Why not keep YOUR club active by attending one of the social or sporting events held during the year, Sign Up to give the boys Career advice, or contribute to this OM Website or Newsletter by sending your pictures and news to old.monmothians@monmouthschool.org THANK YOU

ALL old boys of Monmouth School become LIFE MEMBERS of the OMC from a termly subscription received  while attending Monmouth School.

The OMC also offers financial support for OM social and sporting events. The source of this funding is from interest on capital investments and subscriptions received from current pupils.

Old Monmothians are encouraged to MAKE A GIFT with a voluntary contribution to the Monmothian Charitable Trust, a registered charity, to help financially support current pupils via Scholarships, Bursaries, or Sporting/Educational/Music tours.


Follow this link to view 3 minute video Celebrating 130yrs of your Old Monmothian Club 2016 – 1886 OMC 130 Year Anniversary


“…. The Club moves forward hand in hand with the School, supporting it and the boys whenever it can…. .This has included giving money towards a new boat, an electronic scoreboard, wicket covers and supporting scores of tours, which have added to the boys’ enjoyment and experiences whilst at school, often helping those who would otherwise be unable to benefit.

The Club’s charitable arm – the Monmothian Charitable Trust continues to grow stronger under the guidance of Sir Frank Davies.  The Club and the Trust are committed to maintaining the wide range of high-calibre boys from all walks of life attending Monmouth School…injecting another substantial amount of money into the Bursary Appeal. “

OM Club President


-Your Committee Officers 2016/17
PRESIDENT Ray Blight (77-82)

VICE PRESIDENT Simon George (82-89)


HON TREASURER Ian Bowen (45-50)

HON SECRETARY Andy White (96-01)



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